Representative Ken Kurtz is leading the charge on a set of two bills designed to protect adoption agencies that base their operation on religious principles. Faith-based adoption agencies in two states, Massachusetts and Illinois, closed after state law required them to place children in same-sex families, contrary to their guiding principles. Most adoptions in Michigan are handled by faith-based agencies such Bethany Christian Services, Lutheran Social Services or Catholic Charities. Current law in Michigan allows single adults or a married couple to adopt but not an unmarried couple. Michigan’s law is being challenged by two lesbians who want to adopt each other’s children. To view the two bills and a non-partisan analysis, click here. The legislation has passed out of committee and is waiting to be voted on by the Michigan House of Representatives. Contact your state representative and encourage them to vote “YES” on HB 4927 and 4928.

To contact your state representative, click here.