Legislative Agenda 2013-2014

Legislative Update 2013-2014

Ultrasound Imaging for Abortions

Requires abortion providers to provide abortion-minded clients with an opportunity to view the ultrasound on the most up-to-date imaging equipment available at the facility. The legislation would effectively end the practice of showing a woman her fetus on a low-resolution machine while conducting the abortion with the use of a high-resolution machine.
MFF Position: Support
House Bill 4187 Sponsor: Rep. Joel Johnson, Status: Health Policy Committee,
Senate Bill: N/A

Abortion Coverage by Riders in Public Healthcare Programs

Requires individuals who purchase health insurance through the new state health exchange programs authorized by the new federal healthcare law, to purchase a separate rider to cover the cost of abortion services.
MFF Position: Support
House Bills 4065-66; Sponsor: Rep. Mike Shirkey   Status: Insurance Committee
Senate Bills 137-139; Sponsor: Sen. Mark Jansen; Status: Insurance Committee

Unmarried Second Parent Adoption

The legislation would allow a second adult, not legally married to a child’s parent, to legally adopt the child. Supporters contend that such an arrangement would provide children with additional support and benefits, such as health insurance. The legislation does not limit the second parent to an adult who is related to the child.
MFF Position: Oppose
House Bill 4060; Sponsor: Rep. Jeff Irwin; Status: House Families, Children and Seniors Committee
Senate Bill: N/A

Futility of Treatment Disclosure

Requires hospitals or other healthcare faicilities to fully disclose “Futility of Treatment” policies to parents of patients under the age of 18. A “Futility of Treatment” policy permits a healthcare facility to refuse treatment of a patient if the treatment is not likely to be successful or the quality of life would be so diminished that treatment is deemed “futile.” Michigan Family Forum supports the legislation but recommends the disclosure apply to all patients and not limit the disclosure to parents of patients under 18.
MFF Position: Support
Senate Bill 165; Sponsor: Sen. Jim Marleau; Status: Senate Health Policy Committee
House Bill: N/A

Healthcare Conscience Clause

Allows healthcare facilities, teaching institutions or health professionals to refuse to participate in procedures that violate the religious beliefs of the institution or individual.
MFF Position: Support
Senate Bill 136; Sponsor: Sen. John Moolenaar; Status: Senate Health Policy Committee

Prohibit “Judge Shopping” for Judicial Waiver for Abortion

A minor would be prohibited from seeking a judicial waiver for an abortion from a second judge if she had been denied a judicial waiver previously for the pregnancy. The legislation allows for exceptions in some circumstances.
MFF Position: Support
Senate Bill 254; Sponsor: Sen. Mark Jansen; Status: Senate Judiciary Committee

Expand Child Support Orders

Expand Child Support Orders
Child support could be ordered beyond the age of 18 if the child has a “developmental disability or mental retardation.”
MFF Position: Support
House Bill 4336; Sponsor: Rep. Jim Ananich; Status: House Judiciary Committee
Last Update: March 28, 2013