Thank you for participating with us to keep the foundational issues of family, faith and freedom alive in Michigan.

Volunteers with the Public Interest Forum

Many of you volunteered with the Public Interest Forum campaign to “Wake the Sleeping Giant.” It was an effort to encourage registered voters who had not voted in the past two presidential election to vote. We desired to find the citizens who favor values of life, marriage and religious liberty.

Your determination and dedication was an example to many of us locally and nationally. The number of calls you made placed Michigan second from a list of 16 states in completed surveys! Considering that other states had many more Field Directors with volunteers, your accomplishments are remarkable.
Despite the election results, we continue to watch, pray and act for biblical truth in the political arena of ideas. We invite you to continue the effort to reignite the founding principles of America.
Every effort, every voice and every volunteer can make a difference in the direction of our nation. Thank you for standing fast and investing time into this cause.  We look forward to working together in the future!